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会议名称:IEEE SENSORS 2023

会议时间:October 29 – November 1, 2023

会议地点:Vienna, Austria.

会议简介:IEEE SENSORS 2023 is intended to provide a forum for research scientists, engineers, and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research findings, ideas, and applications in the areas of sensors and sensing technologies. This year’s edition is special in many respects. First and foremost, it is the climax of the silver jubilee year for IEEE Sensors Council, and we have planned several memorable activities for you. Formally constituted in June 1998 with presidents of 14 IEEE societies the IEEE Sensors Council now serves its 26 IEEE member societies in the multi-disciplinary technical areas of sensors. From design to fabrication and applications, IEEE SENSORS council covers all aspects of sensors and sensing systems. The 25 years of service to the Sensors Community has been a remarkable journey with outstanding successes in several areas with impact across the world.


Title: Design, Fabrication, and Test of 4H-SiC Accelerometer

Author: Yu Yang, You Zhao*, Lukang Wang, Yabing Wang and Yulong Zhao

Abstract: Silicon carbide (SiC) is a promising material to fabricate MEMS accelerometers used in extreme environments. Due to the difficulties of processing bulk SiC materials and the complex structure of accelerometers, studies on SiC accelerometers are still insufficient. In this study, we designed a single-beam accelerometer based on 4H-SiC. The traditional MEMS process is used to fabricate the piezoresistors and electrodes. The femtosecond laser etching is used to thin the cantilever beam and release the proof mass. Static and dynamic tests of the accelerometer were carried out. The zero-g output remained stable in one one-hour test. The sensitivity of the accelerometer was 0.099 mV/g in the ±1 g static earth gravity test, and the nonlinearity of the sensor was calculated to be 0.34%. The dynamic testing of the sensor showed that the designed sensor can accurately identify the vibration frequency and can effectively reflect the vibration signal after noise reduction.

Title: High Temperature Characteristics of Piezoresistive Silicon Carbide Pressure Sensors Implemented by Leadless Packaging

Author: Lukang Wang*, You Zhao, Yu Yang, Yabing Wang, and Yulong Zhao

Abstract: This paper presents the process of fabricating pressure sensor chip based on N-type 4H-SiC with high doping and realizing leadless packaging. The piezoresistive functional layer of the sensor is fabricated using a 4H-SiC wafer with a double epitaxial layer. The formation of the diaphragms is performed by a deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) process. The nickel-based metallization system is able to withstand high

temperatures. Leadless packaging based on sintering of glass frits and nano-particle conductive silver paste realizes high temperature resistant packaging of sensor. The zero temperature drift and high temperature resistance stability lasting about 10 hours are tested at up to 600 °C


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