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会议名称:14th International Conference on the Technology of Plasticity (14th ICTP)

会议时间:September 24th to 29th, 2023

会议地点:Mandelieu-La Napoule, Cannes, France.

会议简介:The International Conference on the Technology of Plasticity (ICTP) was founded in 1984 with the objective of gathering both scientific experts and industrial engineers around metal forming challenges and innovations. This major international event, considered as the ‘Olympic games of metal forming’, is organized every 3 years around the world. ICTP is not only a conference where the latest scientific achievements are presented, it is also a place where a bridge is built between fundamental science and industrial applications. Gathering international scientists and engineers from across industry, academia, and government gives us the opportunity to share our latest results but also to think about the solutions this ICTP community can provide to answer major challenges related to industry, society, and environment issues. Indeed, research and development in metal forming does not aim only at improving productivity and final component properties or reducing production costs. It is a major asset to answer the energy transition and sustainable development challenges that will shape our industry and our society in the next decades. The conference covers all major areas of the technology and science of metal forming and its scope also encompasses other classes of materials.


Title: Prediction of microstructure for Inconel718 laser welding process using multi-scale model

Author: Yukai Chen, Hongtu Xu, Yu Lu, Yin Wang, Shuangyuzhuo Wang, Ke Huang, Qi Zhang*

Abstract: The metal additive manufacturing (MAM) process mainly derived from the metal welding process has unique advantages for the die manufacturing and repairing. To obtain the part with fine microstructure, and improve the performance of the complex die structure, the laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) additive manufacturing process of Inconel 718 has been studied. A model combining finite volume method (FVM) and cellular automata (CA) method was used to explore the feasibility of simulating microstructure growth during the laser melt pool solidification from 2D to 3D. The process parameters of the multi-scale and multi-dimensional simulation were: 200 W (laser power), 1200 mm/s (scanning speed), 90 μm (hatch distance), and 30μm (layer thickness). The simulation result was compared with the experimental result of the same process parameters, and the feasibility of the model was proved. This multi-scale model can provide theoretical guidance for similar processes with focused energy sources and large temperature gradient solidification processes during die forming and repairing in the future.


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